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neo4django 0.1.8 Released!

I’m proud to announce another release of neo4django, the Neo4j/Django Object Graph Mappper.

This release focuses on providing better querying capabilities and working more closely with Django code. A few quick highlights:

  • neo4django.auth - an in-graph Django auth provider. You can now store and relate to Django users in Neo4j, and take full advantage of Django’s auth middleware and shortcuts.
  • Stronger relationship queries, thanks to a new query backend based on Cypher. Relationship QuerySets are no longer second-class citizens, and support all the same options as regular QuerySets.
  • Support for many more QuerySet options than before, like order_by(), aggregate(), exists(), count(), and an efficient delete().

Presentation at DataDayTexas

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to give a presentation at DataDayTexas on how we use Neo4j at Scholrly. I’ve posted the slides, and you can find my notes below.

Thoughts on the event

Because I gave my talk shortly after Matthias Broecheler's "Intro to Graph Databases", I didn't have to spend much time on the basics, instead zooming in on how graph databases make our search possible.

Presenting to other data geeks was a welcome change of pace. We've been very heads-down with our technology so far. Not only were attendees interested in what we're doing, technically- many are also potential users.

neo4django 0.1.7 Released!

TLDR; New neo4django release. ORM is a loaded term. I work for tips.

Earlier today, we released a new version of neo4django- the Neo4j/Django ORM integration layer. This release is mostly incremental, and contains a number of performance and stability improvements that we at Scholrly and others in the community have discovered developing against the library and using it in production.

Sponsor My Time at a Startup Accelerator

We’ve recently joined Betaspring, a startup accelerator in Providence, Rhode Island. Our acceptance guarantees us mentorship and a great space to grow and connect with other companies.

I’d like to do whatever I can to profit off that.

Travis CI and Neo4j REST Bindings

A couple weeks ago the Travis CI build for neo4django started failing. Actually, it’s been failing for quite a while- hey, I’m only human- but this time the tests weren’t even run, so I took notice.

In fact, the build was failing before even starting Neo4j. There haven’t been any changes to our Travis config since @doismellburning took the time to hook neo4django up, so I thought it might be a change on their end.